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Aaron Russo I Will Never Forget You

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Aaron Russo I Will Never Forget You

I'll never forget your smile or what you did to try and save this country and to inspire others to do the same.
Your bringing us your story of the Rockefeller plan and foreknowledge of 9-11 inspired me to dig deeper and find out the truth on my own and to make my own film.
Thank you Aaron for leaving the world a better place than you found it and it is my personal mission to continue your work how ever I can.
We will always love you Aaron and we will never forget you or what you gave us.

God Bless you man,
Josh Reeves


Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Special Evening with September 11 Hero William Rodriguez Dallas Tx 8-9-07

How often do you get a chance to meet a Real American Hero?

A Special Evening with
September 11 Hero William Rodriguez.
The"Last Man Out"
of World Trade Center Tower #1
Recounts His Chilling and Provocative Story

The evening of August 9th, 2007
at the Lakewood Theater
(1825 Abrams Parkway, Dallas, TX )

Doors will open for seating at 6:30 p.m.

William will take the stage at 7:30 p.m.
William will speak for about an hour and a half
followed by an autograph session

For information e-mail
or call Joe Stokes at 214-324-9495

(Donations Encouraged)
Daily, William Rodriguez met with co-workers for breakfast at the Windows on the World Restaurant on the 106th floor of World Trade Center Tower #1. Nearly two hundred people, most of William's friends, were in the restaurant on the morning of September 11. None of them survived.

For nearly twenty years, the Puerto Rican-born, New Jersey resident was a custodian in-charge of the three stairwells A, B and C in the North Tower. In possession of the master key that opened all of the stairwell doors at each floor in the 110 story building, William Rodriguez courageously made multiple trips back into the burning towers an personally saved the lives of 15 people that day and aided NYC firefighters in saving hundreds of others. Having told his riveting account to thousands of people across the globe, he comes to Dallas sharing his stories of heroics and selfless first responders.

Honored five times at the White House, William Rodriguez has helped draft and implement legislation on behalf of family members, in demanding the creation of the 9/11 Commission.

William Rodriguez is a dynamic, moving speaker who has electrified audiences in Europe, Asia, and South America, with his uncompromising candor and heroism. This promises to be a night you will never forget. Join fellow Dallasites in giving him a true Hero's welcome.

His visit is part of his ongoing "9/11 Keymaster Tour," which also includes stops in Tulsa, Austin, and Houston. More information can be found at

Who is William Rodriguez?

William Rodriguez, is a native of Puerto Rico, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the State of New Jersey. On September 11, 2001, and for approximately nineteen years prior thereto, Rodriguez was employed as a maintenance worker at the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York, New York.
On 9/11, Rodriguez single-handedly rescued fifteen (15) persons from the WTC, and as Rodriguez was the only person at the site with the master key to the North Tower stairwells, he bravely led firefighters up the stairwell, unlocking doors as they ascended, thereby aiding in the successful evacuation of unknown hundreds of those who survived. Rodriguez, at great risk to his own life, re-entered the Towers three times after the first, North Tower impact at about 8:46 A.M., and is believed to be the last person to exit the North Tower alive, surviving the building's collapse by diving beneath a fire truck. After receiving medical attention at the WTC site for his injuries, Rodriguez spent the rest of 9/11 aiding as a volunteer in the rescue efforts, and at dawn the following morning, was back at Ground Zero continuing his heroic efforts.

Rodriguez lost his employment of 19 years and his means of earning a living as a direct result of the attacks on the WTC on 9/11. Deeply affected, as one might imagine, by his experiences of 9/11, Rodriguez has, in a variety of capacities and through several different organizations, worked ever since that terrible day to help others who were affected by the atrocities committed. He has continued in these labors, notwithstanding the fact that, due to the loss of his employment, he has been unable to earn a living, and was even homeless for a time.

Following William's talk will be the world premiere of 9-11 New World Rising
directed by josh reeves the newest film on the subject of 9-11 truth.

Watch the preview here

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Purdue Simulation" of WTC raises more questions than it answers

"Purdue Simulation" of WTC raises more questions than it answers

Josh Reeves and Mike Swenson

Purdue University released a computer simulation today, claiming they have found the definitive cause of the collapse of World Trade Center Two following the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001. The release implies another “official explanation” as to the cause of the collapses of the towers. However, Truth or Lies has learned of some startling facts surrounding this release which raises more startling questions than it answers.

The simulation can be viewed HERE.

According to the simulation video, "The weight of the aircraft's fuel, when ignited, acted like a flash flood of flaming liquid…and stripped away fireproofing which caused the steel to weaken”

However, a problem lies within this explanation….

According to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Report, (which can be viewed HERE)and an article from Fox News, which can read HERE, “fire-proof asbestos was only used up to the thirty-eighth floor of the north tower and not at all in the south tower”.

These accounts state that because non-asbestos fire proofing was used in simulations by NIST, the non-asbestos fireproofing was far inferior to asbestos in terms of melting points and the ability to keep fire from spreading. It should be noted that these claims of “fire-proofing” as being responsible for the melting of the steel that led to the collapse of the twin towers has been debunked numerous times by world-renowned physicists such as Steven Jones of BYU (view his website here).

The following statement was used in the Purdue simulation: "The weight of the aircraft's fuel, when ignited, acted like a flash flood of flaming liquid". This is a direct contradiction of the FEMA report (which can be viewed HERE)which stated: "despite the huge fireballs caused by the two planes crashing into the WTC towers each with 10,000 gallons of jet fuel, the fireballs did not explode or create a shock wave that would have resulted in structural damage.”

It should be noted that the National Science Foundation (NSF), the agency that funded the Purdue study, is an agency whose board was appointed by George W. Bush and confirmed by the United States Senate. Its director, Dr. Arden L. Bement Jr, has worked for such employers such as General Electric Company(which owns NBC/universal), Battelle Northwest Laboratories who has been focused on nuclear technology and the environmental and health effects of radiation, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Department of defense, where he was under secretary for research and engineering, and DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), who is responsible for the development of new technology for use by the military.

The question that needs to be addressed here is:

Why would an agency whose director has been a key player in military black-op projects for years be appointed to fund a study to conclusively show how the twin towers collapse occurred?

Further, the Purdue simulation claims “the engines ripped through the central columns and sent the engines bursting through the other side of the towers”, showing that the airliner, made of aluminum, ripped through the steel facing of the north tower like a knife through butter. How is this possible?

This Purdue simulation conclusively shows that the government agencies charged with finding an explanation for the collapses of the twin towers are continually unable to do so without contradicting themselves, while attempting to create a wild “fairy tale” out of physical impossibilities. Further, research conducted into these claims made by these government agencies consistently reveals shadowy figures and corporations who have participated, while remaining complicit, in the official explanation of the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.

original article here



Thursday, June 7, 2007

Biden Admits Post-9/11 Meeting With Hijacker's Financier

Biden Admits Post-9/11 Meeting With Hijacker's Financier
We Are Change group questions Senator on details of confab with Pakistani general

Prison Planet | June 5, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

Presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden admitted meeting with the chief financier of the 9/11 hijackers in the days after September 11 after being confronted by We Are Change founder Luke Rudkowski in the press room following Sunday's Democratic debate in New Hampshire.

According to the FBI and as confirmed by various news reports at the time , Pakistani ISI General Mahmoud Ahmad instructed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the alleged assassin of Daniel Pearl, to wire $100,000 to alleged lead hijacker Mohammed Atta in the summer of 2001.

Arriving exactly one week before 9/11, the general met with Pentagon, White House National Security Council and CIA officials, including George Tenet and Marc Grossman, then U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

On the very morning of 9/11, Ahmad was at a breakfast meeting on Capitol Hill hosted by Senator Bob Graham and Rep. Porter Goss, the chairmen of the Senate and House Intelligence committees.

Two days after the attack on the twin towers and the Pentagon, on September 13th, Senator Joseph Biden, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, met with the ISI chief.

No adequate explanation has been forthcoming as to why top government and intelligence officials were meeting with the money man behind the alleged hijackers before and after 9/11.

Shortly after the Democratic debate had finished on Sunday, Prison Planet reporter Rudkowski was able to get access to the CNN spin room and confront presidential candidate Biden about his 9/11 meeting with the Pakistani General.
Pakistani ISI General Mahmoud Ahmad.

"We asked him the question - what was he doing with the head of the Pakistani ISI General Mahmoud Ahmad," said Rudkowski.

"He told me - he admitted that he met with him - he met with the head of the Pakistani ISI - he said I told them not to do it, I told them not to wire the money - I told them to stop supporting the Taliban, which shows he had foreknowledge of them supporting him."

"I told him - sir, he funded the hijackers, you did business with him, you let him go - he's free," said Rudkowski, to which Biden responded, "Get a life kid," after which Rudkowski was pushed away by Biden's security staff.

Biden's comments demand immediate explanation and an investigation into why Mohammed Atta's chief financier was allowed to leave the United States without even being questioned by authorities after having met with top Bush administration and other public officials.

The We Are Change organization, who made headlines for their recent head-to-head with Rudy Giuliani , were also busy speaking truth to power and confronting other high profile figures during their visit to New Hampshire.

Rudkowski said the event was packed with Ron Paul supporters and 9/11 truthers, outnumbering everybody besides Obama and Clinton acolytes.

The group confronted Bohemian Grove members Bill Richardson and David Gergen at the event, causing Richardson to run and leave the building, while Gergen attempted the laugh the subject away before the subjects of male prostitution at the Grove and Molec was mentioned, at which point Gergen also hurriedly left.

Another member of the group, Nate Evans, confronted Hillary Clinton at a fundraiser in New York, calling her "Queen Hillary" and was immediately assaulted by secret service, physically thrown out of the event and chased away.

Clinton was also asked about 9/11 and her association with the Bilderberg Group but completely ignored the questions.

Video footage from all the confrontations will be made available in the coming days.

9/11 Toxic Dust: Official Who Knowingly Lied Refuses To Testify

9/11 Toxic Dust: Official Who Knowingly Lied Refuses To Testify
Whitman in the frame to take the fall for Guiliani, Rice and The White House

Steve Watson

The former head of the Environmental Protection Agency, who knowingly lied and signed off on falsified scientific research on the toxicity of the air in the aftermath of 9/11, has refused a request by Rep. Jerrold Nadler that she testify before a congressional hearing on the federal government's response to be tabled later this month.

The New York Sun today reported:
Christine Todd Whitman, the EPA administrator at the time, has declined an invitation to appear before a House subcommittee that Mr. Nadler chairs, an aide to the congressman said yesterday. Mr. Nadler, whose district includes ground zero, is expected to ask Ms. Whitman again before considering whether to seek to compel her testimony with a subpoena, the aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, said.

Yesterday we reported on the fact that Hillary Clinton had announced, along with New York Congressman Jerry Nadler, D-NY, that she will chair the probe looking into the federal government's response and environmental clean-up efforts in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The Clinton/ Nadler press release stated that one intention of the probe was to take a close look at the EPA's inadequate program to test and clean residential areas in Manhattan.

Part of the press release stated:
In a recent decision, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York found that former EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman's falsely reassuring and misleading statements of safety after the September 11, 2001 attacks were "without question conscience-shocking." The court also found the facts "support an allegation of a violation of the substantive due process right to be free from official government policies that increase the risk of bodily harm" by Whitman's misstatements regarding the air quality of the affected area. An EPA Inspector General review reached similar conclusions.

An AP report last month on these legal findings was posted last month and can be read here.

We have postulated that the left arm of the Washington power elite will be unlikely to fully expose the reality of the monumental criminal culpability of the Bush Administration on this particular issue, but will instead seek to once again close off the issue. Indeed it seems that Whitman is in the frame to take the fall and once cover the behinds of the ever increasingly unaccountable Neocon crime syndicate in the White House.

In August 2003 it was revealed that the Government ordered the EPA to give the public misleading information, telling New Yorkers on September 12 it was safe to breathe when reliable information on air quality was not available and Asbestos levels were known to be three times higher than national standards.

Further documents were obtained by CBS news last September, revealing that Lower Manhattan was reopened a few weeks following the attack even though the air was not safe.

The two devastating memos, written by the U.S. and local governments, show they knew. They knew the toxic soup created at Ground Zero was a deadly health hazard. Yet they sent workers into the pit and people back into their homes.

"Not only did they know it was unsafe, they didn't heed the words of more experienced people that worked for the city and E.P.A.," said Joel Kupferman, with the group Environmental Justice Project.

An EPA whistleblower, Dr. Cate Jenkins then wrote a letter to Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and other members of the New York congressional delegation blasting the EPA for hiding dangerous toxins from Ground Zero workers in the aftermath of 9/11.

The Letter claimed that EPA-funded research on the toxicity of breathable alkaline dust at the site “falsified pH results” to make the substance appear benign, when it was, in reality, corrosive enough to cause first responders and other workers in lower Manhattan to later lose pulmonary functions and, in some cases, to die.

In an even more shocking development it was revealed that Whitman apparently had financial interests in reassuring the public that all was well and that lower Manhattan could safely be reoccupied.

In a New York Post piece which has since been memory holed, but that was reported on here, these facts became clearly evident:

Meanwhile, Whitman's newly released financial-disclosure forms show that she said seven months before 9/11 that she would not get involved in any issue related to the finances of the Port Authority - which owns the WTC site - because she or her family owned PA bonds. Its finances could be impacted by lawsuits growing of the cleanup.

"I understand the following interests that belong to me, my spouse or my children present a conflict of interest," Whitman wrote at the time. She then listed various investments, including the bistate agency.
But Whitman was involved at Ground Zero despite that refusal, although she or her family also owned shares of Citigroup, whose insurance-company subsidiary, The Travelers, paid out hundred of millions of dollars in claims to downtown residents displaced by the attacks.

Not surprising then that Whitman does not want to testify. She is totally compromised and clearly in very deep trouble. Congressman Nadler himself blasted Whitman when this was revealed stating:
"She conspired [with the White House] to convince people to go into an unsafe environment . . . For that, she ought to be prosecuted," Nadler said. "People are dead because of her."

However, it must be remembered that Whitman and the EPA are accountable to the White House and act under the direct authority of the Bush Administration.

It was the 2003 EPA Inspector General's investigation that revealed that it was the White House that had pressured EPA into changing its press releases to add more "reassuring" language.

The further memos revealed that Whitman conspired with the White House to falsely reassure New Yorkers that the air was safe.

The New York Post also reported on the fact that the internal documents show it was Condoleezza Rice's office that gave final approval to the infamous Environmental Protection Agency press releases days after 9/11 claiming the air around Ground Zero was "safe to breathe,".

Now Secretary of State, Rice was then head of the National Security Council - "the final decision maker" on EPA statements about lower Manhattan air quality, the documents say.

And it cannot be forgotten that Rudolph Guiliani, who was mayor at the time, also said repeatedly that the air was safe.

Furthermore it has been the Bush Administration that has PURPOSEFULLY blocked millions in health compensation programs for ground zero workers and continuously attempted to stonewall the issue because to do otherwise would be an admission of responsibility for exposure to harmful substances after the government had already given the all clear. It has been the Bush administration that has allowed 9/11 heroes to die while at the same time disgracefully using the event as a cart blanche excuse for their own criminal actions at home and abroad.

It seems Whitman knew immediately that she was being fingered as the ultimate scapegoat. When the new information broke last September, she was quick to blame the city for not forcing Ground Zero workers to wear respirators.

In a "60 Minutes" interview, Whitman maintained that the nation's leading environmental agency did not have authority to enforce rules at the site, though the agency did warn the city about dangers in the air at Ground Zero.

"We didn't have the authority to do that enforcement, but we communicated to the people who did," Whitman stressed.

A 2004 report by the Sierra Club however detailed gross malfeasance by EPA, FEMA, and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and then suggested a cover-up of the public health hazards of Ground Zero ensued.

The report found that the EPA and FEMA, in concert with New York City's own health department, told families that they could clean up the contaminated dust themselves with wet rags. In fact, they actually discouraged area residents from wearing safety masks.

Some preliminary scientific studies have indicated that as many as 400,000 people were exposed to toxic ground zero dust. Hundreds and perhaps thousands of people have fallen ill, and several have died from lung ailments blamed on inhaled Trade Center ash.

Any probe into this issue that cannot establish these basic conclusions and pinpoint those at fault AT ALL LEVELS WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT will be highly suspicious. It is blatantly clear that not only Whitman and her EPA counterparts were complicit in a conspiracy and cover up the environmental hazards at ground zero, but also that high ranking officials with the Bush administration are also complicit.

It is also apparent from reports that Whitman had significant financial interests in the ground zero site, which should also be investigated in addition to the financial interests other officials complicit in this diabolical case also had before and after 9/11.

The Nadler's hearing is scheduled for May 22, Clinton's is set for June 20.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ex-spy thinks whole story about 9/ 11 hasn’t been told

Ex-spy thinks whole story about 9/ 11 hasn’t been told
Silverton resident is a novelist now
June 5, 2007 - 12:23AM

SILVERTON - In his work boots, nylon pants and cotton sweat shirt, Robert Baer blends in to this little mountain town.

You wouldn’t guess that he once helped engineer a failed coup against Saddam Hussein, that he speaks Arabic and Farsi, that he once prowled the lawless valleys of Lebanon in service to the Central Intelligence Agency, or that George Clooney played him in the movie “Syriana.”

Only his bookshelves, packed with volumes about Iraq and the Middle East, give any clue to Baer’s background. A book about the Russian mafia sits next to his chair.

In an interview from that chair, Baer talked about messes in Washington and Iraq, unexplored leads in Iran, and the “curious” town of Silverton.

He has more firsthand experience with terrorists than almost any American, and he is convinced the full story of the Sept. 11 attacks has never been told.

“We don’t know what happened on 9/11. The 9/11 Commission Report was written from witnesses that were tortured — Khalid Sheikh Mohammed,” Baer said, referring to the man who has confessed to dozens of terrorist plot while in U.S. custody.

“So what do we really know?”

It’s a question that helped inspire Baer’s first novel, “Blow the House Down.” The story follows a dissident CIA agent as he tries to untangle a Sept. 11 plot that points to Iran and an American financier who was playing the stock market based on advance knowledge of terrorist attacks.

Just fiction, right?

Not entirely.

“I’m in touch with a guy who went in to his broker at 3 o’clock on 10 September and said, ‘Cash me out.’ His parting shot going out the door was, ‘The market collapses tomorrow morning at 9,’” Baer said. “He’s in jail now.”

Baer doesn’t side with the conspiracy theorists, however, who think the U.S. government destroyed the World Trade Center.

“That’s very unfortunate. It demonstrates a naivete that’s scary,” he said. “It’s not that these people are crazy, it’s just that they’re so consistently lied to, from Vietnam through Iraq.”

The 9/11 Commission never reported the links between al-Qaida and Iran, Baer said. Since his tour of duty in Lebanon in the early 1980s, when the U.S. Embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut were bombed, Baer has been convinced that the trail of international terrorism often leads to Iran.

And by taking out Saddam Hussein, the United States has played into Iranian hands.

“We’ve now put Iran in a position of predominance in the Gulf, thanks to Iraq,” Baer said. “And in case anybody’s forgotten, the Iranian president is a murderer, he’s got blood on his hands, and he’s crazy.”

Before the Iraq war, Baer said Bush administration officials wanted to use his arguments to justify the invasion.

Although the Washington war drums are beating again — against Iran this time — Baer’s phone has stopped ringing.

“I think they eventually figured out I’m fairly far to the left, especially when it comes to foreign policy. I’m far to the right on immigration, only for environmental reasons,” Baer said.

Now 54, he has retired from the CIA and wants no part of Washington. He lives in Silverton with his wife, Dana. He writes a column for Time and skis on Red Mountain. He’s also at work on his second book of fiction, a “real novel” about Iran.


More Government Sponsored Terror Declassified

More Government Sponsored Terror Declassified
British government documents reveal Israeli involvement in 1976 PFLP hijacking

Steve Watson
Monday, June 4, 2007

Newly declassified British intelligence documents have revealed that British diplomats believed that the hijacking of an Israel-bound plane in 1976 by a Palestinian resistance group was aided and abetted by Shin Bet, the Israeli security agency, in order to criminalize the Palestine Liberation Organization and provide justification for continued Israeli military occupation of Palestinian land.
As revealed in the Jerusalem Post yesterday, the document, released by the National Archives, was addressed to the Foreign Office on 30 June 1976 and was written while the crisis was unfolding.
DH Colvin of the Paris Embassy wrote:
"According to his information, the hijack was the work of the PFLP, with help from the Israeli Secret Service, the Shin Beit.
"The operation was designed to torpedo the PLO's standing in France and to prevent what they see as a growing rapprochement between the PLO and the Americans.
"Their nightmare is that after the November elections, one will witness the imposition in the Middle East of a Pax Americana, which will be the advantage of the PLO (who will gain international respectability and perhaps the right to establish a state on evacuated territories) and to the disadvantage of the Refusal Front (who will be squeezed right out in any overall peace settlement and will lose their raison d'etre) and Israel who will be forced to evacuate occupied territory).
"Hence the unholy alliance of the hijacking.
"My contact said the PFLP had attracted all sorts of wild elements, some of whom had been planted by the Israelis."
Hijackers seized the plane shortly after it took off from Athens on June 27. The plane was diverted first to Benghazi, Libya, where it was refueled before to going on to Entebbe airport in Uganda. The siege lasted eight days whereupon remaining hostages, about 100 Jewish Israelis and internationals, were freed when the Israeli military raided the airport on July 3rd, killing 3 hostages, 20 Ugandan soldiers, and all seven hijackers.
The Israeli military destroyed 1/3 of the Ugandan air force during their massive assault on the airport. The commander of the rescue team, Yoni Netanyahu, brother of current opposition head Binyamin Netanyahu (Likud) was also killed.
The revelations from the British diplomats concerned show that false flag and state sponsored terror has long been considered and used as political tool by Western governments and intelligence agencies.
Israel is no exception, its history is replete with illustrative examples of Mossad and Shin Bet manufactured terrorism, from the Lavon Affair in 1954 to the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre (which some German officials believed was a covert operation that spawned a vicious Mossad crackdown on Palestinian resistance), to Mossad's nurturing of Hamas to the discovery of fake “al-Qaeda in Palestine” cells in 2002.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

U.S. Government Uses Al-Qaeda To Attack Iran

U.S. Government Uses Al-Qaeda To Attack Iran
Bush authorizes group formerly headed by alleged 9/11 mastermind to be bankrolled & armed by CIA for covert regime change

Paul Joseph Watson & Steve Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, May 28, 2007

Recent revelations illustrating the fact that the U.S. government is using a Sunni Al-Qaeda terrorist group formerly headed by the alleged mastermind of 9/11 to carry out bombings in Iran undermines the entire war on terror as a monumental hoax that is being exploited purely to realize a geopolitical agenda.
"President George W Bush has given the CIA approval to launch covert "black" operations to achieve regime change in Iran, intelligence sources have revealed. Mr Bush has signed an official document endorsing CIA plans for a propaganda and disinformation campaign intended to destabilise, and eventually topple, the theocratic rule of the mullahs."

"The CIA is giving arms-length support, supplying money and weapons, to an Iranian militant group, Jundullah, which has conducted raids into Iran from bases in Pakistan," the London Telegraph reported yesterday.

Jundullah is a Sunni Al-Qaeda offshoot organization that was formerly headed by alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Even if you believe the official story of 9/11 to the letter, the fact that Bush has personally authorized U.S. support for this group completely dismantles the facade of the war on terror.

The group has been blamed for a number of bombings inside Iran aimed at destabilizing Ahmadinejad's government and is also active in Pakistan, having been fingered for its involvement in attacks on police stations and car bombings at the Pakistan-US Cultural Center in 2004.

The U.S. government is arming and directing a Sunni Al-Qaeda group to carry out bombings in Iran and yet Bush has the temerity to grandstand during his Rose Garden speech last week and wave the Al-Qaeda bogeyman to strike the fear of God into American citizens.

"As to al Qaeda in Iraq, al Qaeda is going to fight us wherever we are. That's their strategy. Their strategy is to drive us out of the Middle East. They have made it abundantly clear what they want. They want to establish a caliphate. They want to spread their ideology. They want safe haven from which to launch attacks. They're willing to kill the innocent to achieve their objectives, and they will fight us. And the fundamental question is, will we fight them? I have made the decision to do so. I believe that the best way to protect us in this war on terror is to fight them," Bush said on Thursday.

Arms cache belonging to Jundullah - the Sunni Al-Qaeda terrorist group being funded by the CIA with President Bush's approval.

Bush's definition of fighting Al-Qaeda is apparently to lend them all the funds, weapons and tactical know how they need to carry out attacks against innocent civilians in Iran, and let us not forget that America's allies the British have also been caught training insurgents in Iraq to carry out hi-tech bombings that are later blamed on Iran - just as the SAS worked with U.S. special forces to train the KLA in Kosovo, which was also an Al-Qaeda chapter having been financed directly by Bin Laden himself.

But in the world of newspeak and the lowest common denominator propaganda that cloaks the real agenda of the "war on terror", anyone who rises up against occupation, be it a kid who throws a rock in Baghdad or a car bombing on behalf of an increasingly Shiite-led insurgency, the natural enemies of the Sunni "Al-Qaeda," are terrorists and are Al-Qaeda members.

A cruel irony exists whereby anyone and everyone who opposes military occupation is smeared as an Al-Qaeda terrorist and yet the only real Al-Qaeda terrorists are being bankrolled, armed and directed by the CIA itself, with Bush's explicit approval.

Since President Bush didn't know the difference between Sunni & Shiite Muslims until two months before the invasion of Iraq and the incoming chairman of a congressional intelligence committee said Al Qaeda prominently came from the Shia branch of Islam, we can't hold out much hope for Joe Public and this is why the simplest propaganda is always the most effective.

They're the bad guys, we're the good guys - black and white with no shades of gray.

In reality, Al-Qaeda only exists within intelligence circles coordinated by the highest echelons of the U.S. government, and is being used yet again as a tool for destabilization in nations targeted for regime change by the Neo-Cons.

Jundullah is not the only anti-Iranian terror group that US government has been accused of funding in an attempt to pressure the Iranian government.

Multiple credible individuals including US intelligence whistleblowers and former military personnel have asserted that the government is conducting covert military operations inside Iran using guerilla groups to carry out attacks on Iranian Revolution Guard units.

It is widely suspected that the well known right-wing terrorist organization known as Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK), once run by Saddam Hussein's dreaded intelligence services, is now working exclusively for the CIA's Directorate of Operations and carrying out remote bombings in Iran of the sort that the Bush administration condemns on a daily basis inside Iraq.

After a bombing inside Iran in March, the London Telegraph also reported on how a high ranking CIA official has blown the whistle on the fact that America is secretly funding terrorist groups in Iran in an attempt to pile pressure on the Islamic regime to give up its nuclear program.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Insurers Agree to Pay Billions at Ground Zero

Announcing the deal were, from left, Albert M. Rosenblatt, a retired judge; Gov. Eliot Spitzer; Anthony E. Shorris, Port Authority executive director; and Larry A. Silverstein, the developer.

Published: May 24, 2007

The Spitzer administration announced the settlement of all insurance claims at ground zero yesterday, ensuring that $4.55 billion will be available for rebuilding the World Trade Center site.

The agreement, which the insurers described as the largest single insurance settlement ever undertaken by the industry, ended a protracted legal battle with insurers over payouts related to the terrorist attack.

New York State and Port Authority officials said yesterday that the deal removed any uncertainty over how much money would be available for rebuilding and would enable them to obtain private financing for the $9 billion project.

Officials had worried that the insurance dispute might drag on for years, eating up millions of dollars in lawyers’ fees and potentially delaying reconstruction. The settlement is the culmination of a two-month campaign by the state insurance superintendent, Eric R. Dinallo, and involved meetings in Geneva, Paris and Delaware.

The agreement was reached with seven of the two dozen insurers for the trade center who had not already settled — Allianz Global Risks, Travelers Companies, Zurich American, Swiss Re, Employers Insurance, Industrial Risk Insurers and Royal Indemnity. They agreed to pay a total of $2 billion. The other insurers had already made good on their claims and paid about $2.55 billion.

In recent weeks, Gov. Eliot Spitzer joined the negotiations with the seven companies, which lasted until the early morning yesterday.

“The unsettled insurance claims were the last major barrier to rebuilding and have been bitterly and intensely contested for almost six years,” Governor Spitzer said in an interview. “This means we can now fund construction, access the financial markets and move on to what should be our primary focus: rebuilding.”

Business leaders downtown, who have been frustrated by the legal and political wrangling and years of delays, were elated by the news.

“The downtown business community is pleased with the efforts of the governor and the insurance superintendent in removing the remaining uncertainty over the financing of the World Trade Center site,” said Eric J. Deutsch, president of the Alliance for Downtown New York. “In conjunction with a strong office market, the settlement will ensure success.”

All the parties to yesterday’s settlement signed confidentiality agreements barring them from saying how much each insurance company would pay.

The insurance money is critical to the rebuilding effort, but it can cover only about half of the $9 billion cost of building five towers, retail space and possibly a hotel.

“The train is now moving down the tracks,” said Larry A. Silverstein, the 76-year-old developer who had leased the World Trade Center complex six weeks before the Sept. 11 attack.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the land at ground zero and built the trade center, will get about $870 million from yesterday’s settlement, which is to go toward the cost of erecting the $3 billion Freedom Tower, the tallest and most symbolic skyscraper planned for ground zero, as well as the retail space at the complex.

Mr. Silverstein will get the remaining $1.13 billion for three large office towers to be built along Church Street, between Vesey and Liberty Streets.

As part of the deal, the Port Authority and Mr. Silverstein had to relinquish their claim that the companies owed more than $500 million in interest resulting from delays in making the payments. The insurers, in turn, abandoned their claim that they did not owe the money until the project was completed, in 2012.

Despite the insurance dispute, there has been some activity at the 16-acre trade center site. Hundreds of construction workers are laboring on the Port Authority’s $2 billion PATH train station and the foundation of the Freedom Tower. The authority expects to turn over the eastern portion of the site to Mr. Silverstein at the end of this year so that he can begin building. He completed a nearby tower, 7 World Trade Center, last year.

“Look how far we’ve come in the last year,” Mr. Silverstein said yesterday. “A year ago today, we opened 7 World Trade Center, a huge success and a validation of downtown as a world-class business district. We’ve started construction on the Freedom Tower. We reached an agreement on who would build what and when. And now we have the resources to rebuild as quickly and spectacularly as possible.”

Mr. Spitzer said the agreement, which ends all the litigation, was a collaborative effort on the part of many officials who had lost “patience with the ongoing fighting that didn’t serve the public interest or the effort to rebuild.”

Officials and real estate executives involved in the negotiations said they had asked the administration of Governor Spitzer’s predecessor, George E. Pataki, to have the state’s insurance superintendent become involved in the settlement effort, but that it never happened. That changed in late March when Mr. Spitzer’s superintendent, Mr. Dinallo, convened a meeting of the insurers, the Port Authority and the developer to prod them into a settlement.

Mr. Dinallo was working in tandem with Albert M. Rosenblatt, a retired judge who was overseeing an arbitration proceeding in the case.

Andreas Shell, claims crisis coordinator for Allianz, said at a news conference that it was the largest insurance settlement in industry history and that his company was “extremely happy with the result.”

The insurance battle has been complicated from the start by the circumstances of Mr. Silverstein’s lease of the trade center and the destruction of the complex by terrorists six weeks later. At that time, two dozen insurers had signed binders pledging to provide $3.5 billion in insurance coverage, but had not finished the documents.

An ugly dispute developed over which insurance policy was in effect at the time of the attack. Mr. Silverstein argued that since two jetliners had slammed into the two towers, he was entitled to a double payment on the $3.5 billion policy. But many of the insurers countered that they had agreed to a different policy that did not permit double claims.

In the sparring, the insurers attempted to paint Mr. Silverstein as a rapacious developer interested only in profiteering, while he asserted that the companies were being tight-fisted and shirking their moral and legal responsibilities.

At the end of two lengthy trials in 2004, a federal court found that the insurers owed a maximum of $4.6 billion, less than the $7 billion that Mr. Silverstein originally claimed but more than the $3.5 billion limit of the policy. Ever since, state, city and Port Authority officials have called on the insurance companies to make their payments in full.

Mr. Spitzer thanked 14 politicians yesterday for their help, including Senators Charles E. Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton. In a statement, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg commended the governor and Mr. Silverstein for the settlement.



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