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Aaron Russo I Will Never Forget You

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Aaron Russo I Will Never Forget You

I'll never forget your smile or what you did to try and save this country and to inspire others to do the same.
Your bringing us your story of the Rockefeller plan and foreknowledge of 9-11 inspired me to dig deeper and find out the truth on my own and to make my own film.
Thank you Aaron for leaving the world a better place than you found it and it is my personal mission to continue your work how ever I can.
We will always love you Aaron and we will never forget you or what you gave us.

God Bless you man,
Josh Reeves

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Purdue Simulation" of WTC raises more questions than it answers

"Purdue Simulation" of WTC raises more questions than it answers

Josh Reeves and Mike Swenson


Purdue University released a computer simulation today, claiming they have found the definitive cause of the collapse of World Trade Center Two following the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001. The release implies another “official explanation” as to the cause of the collapses of the towers. However, Truth or Lies has learned of some startling facts surrounding this release which raises more startling questions than it answers.

The simulation can be viewed HERE.

According to the simulation video, "The weight of the aircraft's fuel, when ignited, acted like a flash flood of flaming liquid…and stripped away fireproofing which caused the steel to weaken”

However, a problem lies within this explanation….

According to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Report, (which can be viewed HERE)and an article from Fox News, which can read HERE, “fire-proof asbestos was only used up to the thirty-eighth floor of the north tower and not at all in the south tower”.

These accounts state that because non-asbestos fire proofing was used in simulations by NIST, the non-asbestos fireproofing was far inferior to asbestos in terms of melting points and the ability to keep fire from spreading. It should be noted that these claims of “fire-proofing” as being responsible for the melting of the steel that led to the collapse of the twin towers has been debunked numerous times by world-renowned physicists such as Steven Jones of BYU (view his website here).

The following statement was used in the Purdue simulation: "The weight of the aircraft's fuel, when ignited, acted like a flash flood of flaming liquid". This is a direct contradiction of the FEMA report (which can be viewed HERE)which stated: "despite the huge fireballs caused by the two planes crashing into the WTC towers each with 10,000 gallons of jet fuel, the fireballs did not explode or create a shock wave that would have resulted in structural damage.”

It should be noted that the National Science Foundation (NSF), the agency that funded the Purdue study, is an agency whose board was appointed by George W. Bush and confirmed by the United States Senate. Its director, Dr. Arden L. Bement Jr, has worked for such employers such as General Electric Company(which owns NBC/universal), Battelle Northwest Laboratories who has been focused on nuclear technology and the environmental and health effects of radiation, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Department of defense, where he was under secretary for research and engineering, and DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), who is responsible for the development of new technology for use by the military.

The question that needs to be addressed here is:

Why would an agency whose director has been a key player in military black-op projects for years be appointed to fund a study to conclusively show how the twin towers collapse occurred?

Further, the Purdue simulation claims “the engines ripped through the central columns and sent the engines bursting through the other side of the towers”, showing that the airliner, made of aluminum, ripped through the steel facing of the north tower like a knife through butter. How is this possible?

This Purdue simulation conclusively shows that the government agencies charged with finding an explanation for the collapses of the twin towers are continually unable to do so without contradicting themselves, while attempting to create a wild “fairy tale” out of physical impossibilities. Further, research conducted into these claims made by these government agencies consistently reveals shadowy figures and corporations who have participated, while remaining complicit, in the official explanation of the tragic events of September 11th, 2001.

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