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Aaron Russo I Will Never Forget You

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Aaron Russo I Will Never Forget You

I'll never forget your smile or what you did to try and save this country and to inspire others to do the same.
Your bringing us your story of the Rockefeller plan and foreknowledge of 9-11 inspired me to dig deeper and find out the truth on my own and to make my own film.
Thank you Aaron for leaving the world a better place than you found it and it is my personal mission to continue your work how ever I can.
We will always love you Aaron and we will never forget you or what you gave us.

God Bless you man,
Josh Reeves

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Dear 9/11 Activists

Submitted by Reprehensor on Mon, 05/21/2007

You have taken to the streets, you have made the DVDs, you have been to the conferences, you have heard the testimony, you have made the calls, you have borne the brunt of criticism, (some of it deserved, some of it contrived to demoralize you), you have read the books, (the official and alternative theories), and you have decided where to cast your lot.

And, you have decided to act!

Ok, now what?

Now is the time to focus your energy like a laser beam. Now is the time to inject yourself into the political debate in this country, and by proxy, to inject discourse about 9/11 into the living rooms of America.

How to do it?

Here is a clue. Last month activists confronted John Kerry with tough questions on WTC7 in Austin, TX. The video was posted to the internet. Alex Jones' infowars.com ran a story on Kerry's obfuscation, and this story was mirrored across the web.

Within days, Webster Griffin Tarpley received a call from one of the producers from Hannity & Colmes, and got to spar with H&C in front of millions of FOX News regulars, about the merits of the official story of 9/11. The producer thought that FOX could make a pinata piece out the video segment, and invited the pre-eminent MIHOP author on to plug his book to millions of people who probably had never seen WTC7 "collapse", and had never heard of "9/11: Synthetic Terror".


I repeat:


For the next 6 to 7 months, the mainstream media is going to follow the Presidential hopefuls for the Democratic and Republican Parties wherever they go.

So, it is your job to be there, with the toughest questions on 9/11 that you can muster, delivered with clarity and purpose. It's likely that questions about 9/11 aren't going to be spontaneously proposed by the General Electric talking heads during the debates. However, as the candidates tour the country gathering support, you will have opportunites to confront them. Watch your local County Party calendars.

As the Austin activists proved, it only takes one or two people lobbing questions and one person with a handycam to capture some amazing footage.

It's clear that a couple of these candidates have some serious questions to answer.

Especially Mr. Giuliani. Just for starters, how is it that Giuliani got forewarning of WTC "collapses" on 9/11? Did he pass this warning along promptly to all the first responders, or did he just high-tail his ass out of the area, entourage in tow, knowing that their radios weren't going to work anyway? Why did he let the first responders breathe the deadly toxins at Ground Zero without the proper respirators?

(Ron Paul, you could ask these questions too, you know.)

Mrs. Clinton, on the other hand could be quizzed on foreign policy. Specifically, will she, like her husband, facilitate and manipulate Islamic radicals to further geostrategic interests? This is precisely what happened in the 1990s in and around Kosovo, and is documented by the US congress in a minority report by the Republicans, and voluminously in books by Michel Chossudovsky of Canada, and Nafeez Ahmed of Britain.

There are a host of questions to ask, and now I ask you to help compile some of them in the comments area below.

Also, take advantage of the incredible networking opportunites available to you at www.truthaction.org

This is where the most active of the activists should coordinate, network and plan! The time is short, and this opportunity will not last forever. Conceivably, even before the Primaries begin early next year, the security will be too tight get the questions in.

Until then, you have a golden opportunity to introduce yourselves to the broader populace of the United States, and hold some politicians accountable, even if it isn't a Treason trial.

If you think this isn't the right path, google "911 truth squad" to see the rapid evolution of this political tactic.

All you need is a couple people with some good questions, and one (preferably two) handycams to catch the action. The internet will do the rest of the work.

It's time for some media Judo. Let the momentum of the corporate press do the work for you, as they try to steamroll over you, or as they engage with you. Either way, you win.

And if one of the brand name politicians are coming to town on the Eleventh, make that the focus of the day.

Make this your motto;

"I'm going to make a change today. I'm going to make an impact."


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